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Grind City Brewing Co's “Tiger Tail” is a central focus in Men’s Journal's latest national feature on the Legacy of Malt Liquor

March 29, 2024. Grind City Brewing Co., the Memphis brewery known for drinkable beers, great views of the Memphis skyline, and home of Grind City Fest, is thrilled to announce their recent interview with Men's Journal. The interview, featured in Men's Journal's "Does Malt Liquor Deserve Another Shot?" shines a spotlight on Malt Liquor through Grind City’s classic “Tiger Tail” Craft Malt Liquor.

In the interview, two of Grind City’s founders, Hopper Seely (President) and Tyler Nelson (General Manager), share their passion for the brewing process and discuss not only the inspiration behind their workaday beer, "Tiger Tail,” but also the greater influence and legacy of malt liquor. 

On the taboo of the term “malt liquor” and Grind City’s embracing of it anyway, Nelson remarks, “We tried to expand on what malt liquor can be…there’s a ton of versatility there [with malt],” he adds. "Maltliquor has always been frowned upon, but if you were to bottle it and call it an imperial IPA, no one would bat an eye.”

On the evolving views of malt liquor in the craft beer industry, Seely says, “If you were to talk maltliquor with a craft beer person five years ago, there wouldn’t have even been a conversation…If we’re getting pretentious about beer, we're alienating people." 

Seely goes on to say that while Malt Liquor has yet to have its proper day in the sun across the broader craft beer industry, “there are a lot of breweries now doing exciting things with malt,” says Seely, “And that’s starting to catch on with the younger generation.”

"We are honored to have been interviewed by Men's Journal about a beer style we know, love, and want to see more of in the future," says Hopper Seely. 

Grind City's Tiger Tail can be found in the Grind City taproom, on tap in restaurants and bars around Shelby County, and at grocery & convenience stores across West Tennessee and North Mississippi.


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