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Poppy's Pils

4% ABV - American Pilsner
Our light American Pilsner - a classic, improved. Brewed with Mexican Lager yeast, Poppy's Pils stands out with slightly more complex flavors than a standard domestic pilsner. This light-bodied beer accentuates a crisp, refreshing finish. Serve ice cold, with or without a lime wedge.


4% ABV - Amber Lager
A rugged yet light beer for those who want more flavor from their daily drinker. A well-balanced, malt-forward beer, Thaddeus provides hints of roasted malts, caramel, and molasses. Behind its rich amber color hides an approachable light-bodied beer that anyone can enjoy.


6.5% ABV - Hazy IPA
Though the name brings notions of intensity, the Godhopper is here to welcome you into the family - the IPA family. Citrus-forward and juicy, The Godhopper balances tropical fruit flavors, with a light, modest bitterness. Brewed to be a divergent option to the piney and bitter west-coast styles, this hazy IPA welcomes new beer drinkers and hopheads alike.

Tiger Tail

7.5% ABV - Craft Malt Liquor
Light and smooth, Tiger Tail elevates an American classic. To mellow the harsher notes of ethanol traditionally encountered in this style, we age this beer on toasted American oak. This slightly sweet, light bodied beer raises the bar of what is to be expected from a high-alcohol malt liquor.


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