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We brew a wide variety of craft beers to satisfy the diverse tastes of our customers.
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Sometimes you come across a beer so smooth and crushable it cures what ails you. Take two of these and we guarantee you’ll be calling for more.

The Godhopper matches hops with haze. Copious additions of fruit forward hops results in a tropical smorgasbord of flavor with no bitter bite. It may look like juice, but don’t let that fool you. Its punch is packed with hops.

Behold, a malt liquor crafted for a bold and smooth flavor. Tread lightly because this malt liquor is like catching a tiger by the tail.

Viva isn’t so much a honey seltzer as it is a Nectar of the Gods. Gluten free AND Sugar Free, Viva comes in bright, refreshing flavors perfectly brewed to crush your summertime thirst.

Memphis isn’t called Grind City for nothing. Here, The Hustle Starts at 9:01 and we play hard when the grind is done. Enjoy a Memphis Style seltzer in 4 crushable flavors.